NPC of the Week

Captain Richards looked at the all too eager merchant with poorly-hidden distaste. “Ma’am,” a calculating look met his, “you’d be safer if you left the work to us mercenaries.” As calculation turned to attempted seduction, he regretted irritating Gerland even more.

Captain Elfred “Skinny” Richards

Human, male, fighter.

He got his nickname as a boy; he is now rather rotund.  Skinny works with the mercenary group The Terrifying Boars, where he leads the Red Company.  He has a single daughter, Ingabella, who is being raised by his sister back home.  

Secret:  His daughter’s mother is still alive, somewhere.  She is a pirate captain, and they decided baby Ingabella would be safer with him when her mother decided to return to the sea.

Goal:  To make enough money to set Ingabella up for life.

Fear:  Dying before he can spend some time getting to know his daughter.

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