NPC of the Week: Sany

Sany Rockwhittler

Dwarf, male, commoner.

Sany Rockwhittler is a young dwarven bellhop at The Empress Hotel.  When the hotel’s manager told him to pack the vanished wizard’s belongings and move them to storage, Sany found himself drawn to some of the equipment, especially the old book.  It had an old cover, worn and peeling in places, and as soon as he touched it, he knew it would lead him to his destiny.  But first, it would help him heal his mother.  

Secret:  He took the book and has it hidden underneath his bed.
Goal:  Heal his mother.  
Fear: His mother finding out that he stole the book.

“You can’t do magic!,” they said.  Sany would show them all.  Finding the book left behind by the wizard was only the first step.  He would cure Mama, and then… well, then we’d see.

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