NPC of the Week: Torric


Human, female, guard.

Torric is an experienced Eldritch Knight serving at a remote outpost.  The outpost is currently subject to a psychic attack causing people serving there to lose touch with reality, fall prey to apathy and despair or flee in fear.  Although some resisted it at first, telling their comrades to “snap out of it” and “fake it ‘til you make it,” eventually, everyone succumbed. 

As days turned into weeks, the population dwindled – people dying because they could not take care of themselves or fleeing in search of safety elsewhere.  Torric is the last remaining knight in the outpost, as she is neuroatypical and depression is a familiar foe.  She knows to endure.

Goal:  To continue to hold the outpost.
Secret:  Torric does not talk about her struggles with depression but this is the fourth set of guards she’s served with in the last six years.  She gets in trouble for being “lazy.”
Fear:  Right now, she is too detached to fear, but knows her duty is to hold the outpost until help can arrive, and she will grimly cling to that duty. 

Torric knew she should… do things. Try the spell again. Go for help. Something.
But depression stood on her chest, the crushing weight of apathy constricting every breath she took.

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